Silver Laughter Does The Beatles… Again


Silver Laughter LIVE Beatles Tribute

Silver Laughter LIVE Beatles Tribute

“A Hard Day’s Night”

I had a wave of nostalgia when I edited this song (but I got better). Gosh, those were great days on the road with Silver Laughter; some of the best of my life.

About all I have left of live music is our two Beatles Tributes unless someone steps forward with other performances on tape.

The place was the Tradewinds in Calgary, Alberta. The lineup for this tribute was Jon on guitar, Ken on lead, Paul on drums and Mick on bass. Everyone did vocals. Carl Frisch was on sound and lights. However, Kim is in the photo on drums of this liver performance.

The lead in to this song was “This Boy” posted elsewhere on this site. And the song after it was “Can’t Buy Me Love” which Jon and I “double tracked” vocally.

Mick Orton

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