Denny Walton – One of Silver Laughter’s Early Members

Denny Walton

Denny Walton

This is a photo of one of the early members of Silver Laughter, guitarist Denny Walton at a rehearsal.I really never got to know Denny very well, and nobody seems to know where he is now.

“Denny Walton was one of the members in Silver Laughter when I joined the band and was for several months afterwards until he left as he no longer wanted to travel on the road. [Taken] During Silver Laughter practice in Davenport, Iowa USA 1974,” says Mark Zaputil on his Facebook page.

See those egg cartons which are stapled to the wall? That was supposed to absorb sound in the rehearsal space which I assume was in the Ludtke’s basement.

Mick Orton

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