Silver Laughter Photos from 1975

Mick and Mark in Worthington 1975

Mick and Mark in Worthington 1975

Starting today, I will be posting some of the photos that Mark Zaputil scanned for the site this week from the time we played together. This first one is of the two of us in Worthington, MN. It probably was the club we played before Cheever’s became our regular place to perform. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of that club or even recall what it looked like! Is anyone surprised? I didn’t think so!

You will notice that I am in the middle next to the drums. Kim is to the left. In that first year or so, the guitars flanked Kim and me on the outsides, Jon on one side and Mark on the other. This is before I moved to the left side of the stage looking from the dance floor.

During the late 60’s and early 70’s it was customary to have bass and drums in the center, however, once we started amplifying all the instruments through the sound board, it didn’t matter where the bass amp was. So I moved to the side when Ken came on board to give the two tall guys the right side of the stage!

Mick Orton



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