Another Silver Laughter Photo from 1975

Mick Orton Scotty's in Wayne, NE 1975

Mick Orton at Scotty’s in Wayne, NE 1975

Here is a photo Mark Zaputil sent me taken at another one of the early places where we were popular in 1975. Scotty’s Night Club was in Wayne, NE where Wayne State College is located, and we had a lot of college guys and gals who were fans during those days!

Is that another cowboy shirt? And that’s Kim singing from behind the drums to my left. Notice my Peavey amplifier behind me. I can’t tell if I was still using the HUGE folded horn cabinet as a speaker. We used to call it “the coffin” because it was so big… and probably because it would have killed us had it fallen on anyone!

Mick Orton

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