Former TODD Beat Group Member, Thomas Kelley, Found an Original Sheet of Silver Laughter’s “Don’t Feel Bad” Lyrics!

TODD Beat Group - "Don't Fee Bad"

TODD Beat Group – “Don’t Fee Bad”

Tom Kelley and I have been communicating quite a bit lately. Seems he dug into his archives from the TODD Beat Group days and found the original lyrics to “Don’t Feel Bad” which he posted on his Facebook page.

I had not remembered the song being done by my old group. i thought it was a completely new idea that came to me during the “Sailing on Fantasies” recording days. Or maybe that I had never finished it. But Tom says I brought it to them completed. At least I don’t owe him any royalties! And I do recognize it as being my printing (much better than my handwriting is now!).

But judging by the lyrics, the song had a completely different feel. In fact, probably the only part that was like the Silver Laughter version is the tune of the verses… but I am just guessing. Somewhere I think I had a conversation with Tom on the phone about the song after I sent him CDs of our albums. If memory serves, he said the tune was similar to the TODD version but not the same.

Mick Orton

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