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Rickenbacher 12 String

Rickenbacker 12 String

“She’s A Woman” – “Michelle”

This is a fine version of the two Beatles songs, if I do say so myself. I think these were both in my range so I was able to sing them close to the original tracks that Paul did. And let me say this… the backup vocals from the “boys” still gives me shivers… they are that good! As you can hear, the lead in is the “I Feel Fine” riff and then the clip fades out on “Help” which was posted elsewhere on this site. The musicians’ lineup for these songs are: Jon Ludtke, Ken Wiles, Mick Orton and Paul Staack.

The talking at the end of “Michelle” is audio that Jon found from recordings the Beatles did for their fan club members at Christmas time. Usually we used these interludes to switch instruments. Perhaps Jon was switching to the Rickenbacker 12 String (the 12 string pictured above is very close to the one Jon Ludtke owned), though I can’t be sure about that. In looking back at my notes, I think Jon may have been switching from the Rick back to 6 string.

This clip was taken from our Tribute To the Beatles #2 performance at The Ranch & Co. in Port Byron, IL around June 9, 10 or 11, 1978.

Mick Orton

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