Silver Laughter’s Love of CB Radios!

CB Radio

CB Radio

While we were on the road, the CB radio saved us many times if we got split up as we traveled from place to place. We used the same channel as the truckers and had funny “handles” for ourselves… though I don’t remember what they were! Though I do think the channel we used was 19.

I believe my radio was attached to the roof of the van just to the left of the rear view mirror.

Sometimes just the information we got from the 18 wheel truck drivers about road conditions was helpful in navigating a safe route. Other times we would use the radio to catch up with each other if one of the vehicles had to stop for any reason.

We even bought books to learn what the codes we should be using (as in 10-4 = okay, 10-9 = repeat message, what’s your 10-20? = location, etc.).

“Breaker, breaker, 19! 10-4, good buddy!”

Mick Orton

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