Some Thoughts About Silver Laughter’s “Sailing On Fantasies”

"Sailing On Fantasies"

“Sailing On Fantasies”

Art came up with our first album title, “Handle With Care”. I am not sure where he got the idea. But when we started working on our second album, Jon and I began thinking about what we should call it.

We wanted to be kind of clever with a play on words, so we originally thought that “Sailing Ships on Fantasies (seas)” would be a good little title. But after giving it some thought, one of us suggested we shorten it to “Sailing on Fantasies”. We ran it by the other guys who all thought it was a good title, so we stuck with it.

Mick Orton

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  1. Both albums are very good, but I thought the sailing on fantasies had much more edge and the vocals are excellent. I have both but sailing is my favorite.

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