Music Ops – Another Opportunity for Silver Laughter



Our manager, Art “Smart” Stenstrom sent me a link to a music opportunity page on the Internet about a month ago. Seems they are a conduit for music to get into films and television shows.

So this week I have been receiving e-mail regarding several places where Silver Laughter music might be a fit.

Opportunity 1: I submitted “Don’t Feel Bad” as an upbeat song to be used in the third act of some movie where the protagonist comes out of a low period. They wanted a catchy song with nice hooks. I think this song fills the bill nicely.

Opportunity 2: I am going to submit several songs including “Whiskey Heaven” and “I Can’t Believe In You” for a television drama looking for country flavored songs.

As time goes on I will update you on the outcomes of these attempts to get our music aired. Not much has happened with ReverbNation, so I am hoping this outfit has more success.

Mick Orton

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