Craig Hute’s “Being” YouTube Video Has Photos of Silver Laughter’s Paul Staack & Mick Orton

The Contents Are: and Friends

The Contents Are: and Friends

While cruising the YouTube site, I found some more Craig Hute material that I thought was exceptional. His slide show for the song, “Being”which is on the “Ode To Ouray” CD has some photos of The Contents Are which include future Silver Laughter members, Paul Staack and yours truly.

My only criticism is that the pictures go by way too fast (much like life itself). But I suggest you hit pause and wait until the whole thing downloads before listening so you can hear it without the typical buffering problems.

Several photos are already on this site since Craig was the one who was nice enough to send them to me to post. But there are many I don’t have that show The Contents Are: playing and rehearsing in the Broomfield, CO basement of the house we rented. There are other “publicity” shots taken out in the mountains of the band along with other pals like the one pictured here, for example.

Left to right in the front: Pam Liedtke, Mick Orton, Paul Staack, unknown young lady, “Novie” and friend, Dave Neumann and Teresa. It is unknown who is behind Teresa or who the couple is behind Paul and friend. I think that’s John Zimmer in the back wearing a yellow shirt with Craig Hute on the right at the top.

So here’s what I recommend. Listen to it once all the way through to hear this beautiful song, then start over and press pause and play to see the photos. You will see old photos of Craig’s parents, him with his Rickenbacker guitar and harmonica, his wife, Marianne and son, Aaron. Some of their wedding photos are also shown. Dave Neumann makes many of the photos including those of Dave’s wedding reception as well as the ones of The Contents Are: (Tabernash). My first wife, Pam, even made the reel.

Here’s a trivia test: See if you can find the photo of The Contents Are: with Paul Staack holding a book entitled “Adolf Hitler”. He is now a minister which seems a little out of character. But, hey, this was the early 1970’s! Here’s a hint. It is the only photo that has Wade Calvert in it; the guy who uncovered the studio tapes of the Pekin, IL sessions. And happy listening.

Mick Orton

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