Before Silver Laughter There Was The Contents Are:

Acid Archives TCA Pg. 55 & 56

Acid Archives TCA Pg. 55 & 56

Previously I posted an article about how I ended up joining The Contents Are: right out of high school. The thought of being in a “combo” (that’s what my mom used to call us) with locally famous recording artists was really exciting.

Up to that point most of the bands I was in didn’t know what vocal harmonies were. At least it seemed that way. But these guys (Craig Hute, Dave Neumann and future Silver Laughter member, Paul Staack) were professionals.

Though it came much later in 2006, Acid Archives finally recognized the accomplishments of the band’s album, “Through You” which was recorded before I joined. Found on page 55 & 56, Patrick Lundborg gushes in this review and is particularly impressed that the record was done while band members were still in high school!

Mick Orton

PS, if you think the title of this article has incorrect grammar, I am using The Contents Are: as a group, not as individuals which would have required the use of WERE.

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