Silver Laughter’s Mick Orton Makes Contact With Prairie Sun Reviewer

Bill Knight & Rick Johnson

Bill Knight & Rick Johnson

While looking for new things to post on the website, I thought, “Why not try and find the guy who wrote that nice Prairie Sun review of ‘Sailing On Fantasies’? ” You have to love the Internet. I did a quick Google search on his name and the magazine and found contact information for Bil Knight.

From his Facebook page. Art "Smart" Stenstrom.

From his Facebook page. Art “Smart” Stenstrom.

So I composed an e-mail thanking him for the nice review to see if he even remembered the band and offered to send him CDs of both our albums. He responded almost immediately and offered to send me his book, “Rick Johnson Reader”, which is a compilation of his CREEM Magazine articles. Though Silver Laughter is not mentioned in any of the reviews, I wanted to thank Bill for sending along some interesting reading!

In the photo, Bill is on the left side of the picture. Kind of looks like our manager, Art “Smart” doesn’t it?

Mick Orton

Note: I had forgotten that I already wrote an article about contacting Bill, but thought i should update it with information about the book.

Rick Johnson Reader

Rick Johnson Reader

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