One of The Things We Did For Fun… Silver Laughter’s Quality Time Off

Plastic Army Men

Plastic Army Men

I remember a week in Sioux Falls SD. We had gotten into town early because it was easier than returning to the Quad cities then turning around and coming back west. Well, Jon and his bro Kim shared one room, Mick and I had another room, and I think Ken went solo? We were playing the Pomp Room the following week but we were basically broke and had very little to do.

Mick and I decided to get a couple bottles of wine and somehow the idea of dart guns and a bag of plastic army men came about. I have no idea whose grand delusion that was but it seemed like a great idea at the time. As I remember it was raining making any outdoor activities unlikely. We returned to our room and proceeded to get, well let’s say a bit under the influence. We’d set up army men all around the room and then kick back on our beds taking turns shooting at these defenseless green plastic soldiers.

Toy Dart Pistol

Toy Dart Pistol

Well, as the wine continued to flow the taking turns was abandoned for a more free-for-all, then all out warfare directed at each other. This was the good ole days when a dart gun still packed a pretty good punch, (more wine). The melee lasted as long as the wine at which time I think we both took a bit of a long over-due nap. I don’t what ever happened to the guns or the army men, I think after the next week of playing the Pomp Room we left town unarmed, with a motel room full of little plastic army men.

All I know for sure is it really happened, and it beat watching TV! I loved playing the Pomp Room; it had a lot of rock-n-roll history, and was a great venue with great crowds. The things we do for fun!


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  1. I do recall this incident! Remember, folks, I was 29 at the time in 1979… but nothing but a big kid at heart. In Jr. High we used to put clay men on my Lionel Train tracks and run them over when there was nothing else to do, so it is perfectly reasonable that I would instigate this. Glenn and I had a great time bunking together on the road. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

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