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Double Shot Publicity Photo

Double Shot Publicity Photo

As I have said elsewhere in other articles, Ken and I went through a kind of dark period after leaving Silver Laughter and moving to California. I hope nobody finds this post in bad taste though the subject is quite controversial. We were getting depressed trying to get back into music, and our new songs reflected that. This song and “Down and Out” were at the very low points in our first days in California. PLEASE LOOK AT THESE LYRICS IN THE PROPER CONTEXT! WE WERE TRYING TO HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR ABOUT OUR SITUATION.

After all, when we got here we had very little money and few prospects. There were a lot of famous musicians living out here, but nobody was making any money at it. The moment I saw Jessie Colin Young of the Youngbloods (we used to cover their hit song, “Get Together”) roller skating down the main street in Pt. Reyes Station where we were staying with my sister, I knew it was going to be tough going. I was right.

The music opportunities we had in the 70’s touring around the Midwest and making a living playing music were just not available to us here. So when Ken came to me with this song, we worked on the dark lyrics together. Of course, we were laughing all the way, so don’t take them too seriously. Ken always did make me laugh!

So Long (The Suicide Song)

Alone on the weekends with nothing to do.
Used to spend all my time thinking of you.
But now I’m on my own and I’ve thought things through.
Living without you I have nothing to lose.

Everything’s happening way to fast
Think I’ll put on a record and turn on the gas.
But, it’s one of those days when nothing goes right.
The record’s scratched and the pilot won’t light.

Oh no, you say it’s wrong what I’m doin’.
Oh yeah, well it seems right to me.
So Long, it’s been good to know you,
I’ll always be grateful eternally.

I need a vacation maybe permanently.
Think I’ll get me a rope and go find a tree.
But, if you want me back and I can’t be found.
Just look me up I’ll be hangin’ around.

Repeat Chorus:

I’ll give you one more chance and make one last call,
Cause I’m tired of beating my head on the wall.
Any message you give would be all right with me.
But, you put me on hold, so I’ll show you I mean it.

Repeat Chorus:

Ken wrote me after i posted this and said,”Hey Buddy, I was just thinking about the article you wrote on the Suicide song. I wrote it in the back bedroom of the house when I was living with you, Sandy, and Angela. I had just moved out of my apt. after breaking up with my ex-wife, so that song came to mind. Thus, ‘Alone on the weekends and nothing to do. Used to spend all my time thinking of you. But, now I’m on my own and I’ve thought things through’. Of course it was all tongue in cheek,.. I just bit my tongue, that’s all.   Anyway, that’s why I wrote the little ditty.”

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