More Thoughts On Silver Laughter’s “Turn It Down”


Lyrics for "Turn It Down"

Lyrics for “Turn It Down”

“Turn It Down” LIVE from Port Byron

Jon and I spent a lot of time on the lyrics for the song, “Turn It Down”. We were big admirers of John Lennon’s way of turning a phrase and clever lyrics, so we tried to craft the song’s words into a song that people would remember.

As I have said elsewhere on this site, the A&R man from Atlantic Records heard the song and thought the guy should have gone down and gotten together with the girl. Jon and I came away from that meeting wondering if we had written the right story into the tune.

But as our friend, Randy Pearson, said, “Hey. He noticed the song!” And looking back, I think we did the right thing. The song’s lyrics are some of the best we had written. The use of “up” and “down” against each other, and the image of a party going on downstairs while this poor guy upstairs is trying to get to sleep for something really important.

Now in real life, we boys in the band would have jumped at the chance to get together with at pretty young lady who is inviting them down to her place much like Mr. Atlantic, but we stuck to our guns it made the story more interesting… I think!

Mick Orton

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