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Beatles Tribute

Beatles Tribute

Please Please Me” – “From Me To You” Medley

Once we were committed to doing a Beatles Tribute, we constantly looked for fun and intelligent ways to meld the songs together. We also studied the instrument parts so they were as accurate as we could get. And in the vocals, we even made the same vocal mistakes the Beatles did during their recording. For example, on the second verse of “Please Please Me” you can hear Jon and I parting ways on the second line… Listen to the original Beatles recording you will hear John and Paul did the same thing. George Martin, in his infinite wisdom, left it in and “fixed it in the mix” actually making the song more interesting.

Another note is Ken’s contribution of his guitar parts mimicking the harmonica John Lennon used on a lot of the old songs. I have mentioned this before, but we had to make do since none of us played the mouth harp (unless Kim did and was too busy playing drums to put it down and pick it up between snare hits! Besides, Paul Staack was our drummer during the Calgary trip.). So Ken used his guitar to fill in the missing instrument.

The second song, “From Me To You” is another excellent rendition sans harmonica. One thing many Beatle bands missed was Paul McCartney’s bass “solo” doubling the guitar riff. Not us.

In the photo that Art took to simulate the one found on the “Meet The Beatles” album cover, Kim is shown in the “Ringo” position. I don’t think we ever did another with Paul when he joined.

Mick Orton

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