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"Love Me Do" 45 cover

“Love Me Do” 45 cover

“Love Me Do”

This was from Beatles Tribute #2 from Port Byron, IL at The Ranch and Company night club. I know because this song transitions into “P.S. I Love You”. Set #1 went into “Please Please Me”.

That’s Ken introducing the set which he did most nights. However, sometimes Jon would do it, and on RARE occasions, we all would join in to sort of mock the introduction.

None of us knew how to play the harmonica (Kim probably did, but was busy with the drums), but I think Ken did an exceptional job playing the harmonica part on his guitar. The lineup on this song is Jon on rhythm guitar, Paul on drums, Ken on guitar and lead fills and me on bass. Ken and Jon are singing the harmonies with Ken singing the solo parts.

Mick Orton

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