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Beatles "Rain" 45 cover

Beatles “Rain” 45 cover


Until other live tapes of our performances are uncovered, most of the cover songs we will be posting are from one of the Beatles Tributes. This is from Show #2 which was preceded by “Another Girl” from the movie, “Help”, and transitions at the end into “You Won’t See Me” after a brief flirt with a section from “She Said, She Said”. We worked hard on getting the songs melded together in a coherent fashion. We would go through several ideas and then choose the best way to go from one song to another. Sometimes, when they were in different keys, we would create a musical bridge to get to the next song’s key. Other times we would try and tie words that were the same in both songs together.

I loved this song when it came out and STILL love it. Jon does a superb version of John Lennon on this tune which was never on a Beatles album and only released as a 45. Ken, Paul and I are on the three part backup harmonies. We spent a lot of time getting the instruments to sound like the record, and I think we succeeded. Taken from our Calgary set, it is my opinion that we captured how the Beatles would have done it “live”.

As a side note, I had been collecting Beatles 45 picture covers for years. I would go to the cutout bins and look for old Beatles 45s with covers like the one above and put them in my collection. It was very complete and probably worth a LOT of money. Unfortunately, during one of my moves, all my records got left behind and when I came back to retrieve them, they were gone. Hopefully the person who took them realized what he had and turned them over to a collector who would appreciate them. This was one of the cherished covers I owned.

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