Another Picture of Silver Laughter’s Ken and Mick as Double Shot

Double Shot Publicity Photo

Double Shot Publicity Photo

In the other article I did on the duo Ken and I were in called Double Shot, I noted the agency, Biggstar Talent Productions, was Ken and me. The PO Box was mine in the downtown Davenport post office where I had worked one summer.

This new photo, professionally done, was taken for Bill Rothe’s agency, ACA (Artists Corporation of America). If you look at both photos, it looks like I am wearing the same shirt and jacket as the original photo. But Ken was the clothes horse and always had a new outfit ready! This photo is still in the gold frame that came from my mother’s house after her passing.

Our sound and light man, Glenn Stone, was still with us in the early days of the Double Shot experiment. His hope was we would find a drummer and guitar player to form another group. After a month or so, he decided he wasn’t really contributing anything so he chose to leave us.

Mick Orton

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