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Dodi Hungerbuhler and Babaganoosh

Dodi Hungerbuhler and Babaganoosh

This photo is from one of our friends who has been mentioned elsewhere on this site. Dodi and Jack, also known as Two of Us, were a duo who also traveled the Midwest to some of the cities Silver Laughter played. I am not sure, but I think we met them in Yankton, SD.

Wherever it was, we had finished our night and dropped into another club to hear some music. Or perhaps we had a night off between jobs and found them performing. Either way, we saw their show which was very good and became friends. As I have said, they were the inspiration for Ken and I becoming Double Shot when Silver Laughter broke up.

We stayed in touch for some time, and Dodi even went to Davenport to see my parents, probably when they had a booking somewhere nearby. It would appear that Dodi traveled with her Siamese cat named Babaganoosh. Here she is in a photo from 1978.

Mick Orton

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