Kelly Kae – Miss Sleepy Eye 1977 – A Friend of Silver Laughter

Kelly Kae - Miss Sleepy Eye 1977

Kelly Kae – Miss Sleepy Eye 1977

Not much has been said about all the great people we met when we toured the Midwest and Canada. But starting this month, I will be posting pictures and notes from some of them.

Here is a photo of a young lady who won the Miss Sleepy Eye (MN) title in 1977 and came to hear us play at one of our Minnesota clubs. Her note to me on the back dated February 2, 1979 is very sweet so I thought I would post it here.

Note from Kelly Kae

Note from Kelly Kae

It reads, “Mike, You’ve got a lot to offer people thru your talent & personality. Thanx for sharing a little corner of your world with me.”

I do remember playing Sleepy Eye, but don’t remember the name of the venue.

Mick Orton

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