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Bee Gees Saturday Night Fever

Bee Gees Saturday Night Fever

“Night Fever”

I am posting this song, not so much because we liked doing it, but because it shows some material we had to incorporate into our show to stay employed during the disco era. Looking back, it was very smart. As other bands were dropping off because many clubs were going to disc jockeys, we continued to work because we filtered in a few of disco songs to keep the club owners happy.

Some of the other disco bands we covered included K.C. and the Sunshine Band and the Ohio Players. We had always been fans of the early Bee Gees compositions, so it was a little easier for us to at least understand what they were trying to accomplish; to revive their musical careers!

On this one Jon and I “double tracked” the falsetto verses with Ken joining in on the 3 part harmonies. In retrospect, I think we should have had Ken also join in on the verses to strengthen the vocals. Regardless, it is an excellent effort to perform a song live that was definitely a studio product. We also performed “Stayin’ Alive” which I think was stronger than this one, but I do not have a copy of it to post.

As you can hear it was well received even though The Ranch in Port Byron was known as a hard rock venue.

Mick Orton

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