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studio5Some of these may have been posted elsewhere on this site, but I realized that I had scanned them and may never have put them up. So just to be sure, here they are again.

“Sailing On Fantasies” Studio Photos

These are from our recording sessions in Otho, Iowa for “Sailing On Fantasies”. Paul is playing maracas for one of the tracks of that album. I’m just not sure which song it was.

Mick recording the guitar for "Lover"

Mick recording the guitar track for “Lover”

Then here is one of me mugging for the camera while laying down the guitar track for “Lover”. I never could (and still can’t) grow a decent mustache, but it was a look I guess we were all trying to foster. And, unfortunately for me, this is the period when most of the surviving photos were taken. Notice the Silver Laughter “Handle With Care” T-shirt I have on? That is the same one that was being auctioned earlier in April 2013.

Jon on claves

Jon on claves

Jon is playing the sticks (can’t remember the name for this instrument… is it claves?) for one of the tracks. Could be “Sunny Day”.

From Left standing: Mick Orton, Ken Wiles, Jon Ludtke, Paul Staack. Sitting: Art "Smart" Stenstrom" and Frank Wiewel

From Left standing: Mick Orton, Ken Wiles, Jon Ludtke, Paul Staack. Sitting: Art “Smart” Stenstrom” and Frank Wiewel

The group photo should be a classic as far as Silver Laughter fans are concerned. The only people missing who contributed to the album are Bob Parker (who was responsible for the strings and horns) and Frank’s assistant who is probably the one snapping the photo!

Frank Wiewel at the console

Frank Wiewel at the console

This picture must have been up before in one of the articles I did on Frank Wiewel. But here it is again. Here he is not looking too happy at the console of his recording studio, Westminst’r Sound, in Otho, Iowa. Behind him is that elusive assistant I referred to in the photo above! Sorry, I can’t remember his name.

Jon Ludtke on bell

Jon Ludtke on bell

This is the last photo in this set. John is playing the bell, probably the one that is struck at the end of the refrains of “Sing Me Your Love Songs”.

If any of the readers who used to see us play have any photos, please let me know. There will be a handsome reward for scans of our history together!

Mick Orton

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