MORE Lost Recordings of The Contents Are: Found

From left: Paul Staack (eventually joins Silver Laughter), Mick Orton, Craig Hute and Dave Neumann (the one that got away).

From left: Paul Staack (eventually joins Silver Laughter), Mick Orton, Craig Hute and Dave Neumann (the one that got away).


Since there were two members of The Contents Are: who joined Silver Laughter (and almost three if you count Dave), I thought it was important to show how the music and song writing evolved. While The Contents Are: are more hard rock, the Silver Laughter tunes are more commercial and mainstream. As part of The Contents Are: I didn’t submit a lot of music to the band because I was not a very good “hard rock” writer though I could play bass with the best of them. My tunes were more melodic and dependent on harmonies and backup vocals as can be heard in the Silver Laughter compositions.

After we found the live and Columbia studio tapes, the band has been communicating back and forth; Craig, Dave, Paul and me. Now it appears that there has been another new find of songs which were recorded in Pekin, IL. These should soon find their way to me. Although they are probably songs we had already recorded elsewhere, I’m told the quality is much better.

Anyway, I wanted to showcase a tune written and sung by Craig Hute, and performed by 1/2 of Silver Laughter; Paul Staack and Mick Orton! This one is called Head Collect. It was recorded at Columbia Studios in Chicago as a demo for the guy who produced the band, Chicago. Though nothing ever came of it, we did get a nice 4 song demo from the experience. I play bass and sing some of the backup harmonies along with Dave Neumann who performed all the lead riffs and helped on backup vocals. Paul Staack is dynamic on drums.

The Contents Are: “Through You” album is available on the Internet complete with 4 songs which were the A&B sides of the two singles which were released in the late 60’s along with liner notes from Craig himself. He is still busy writing and recording his original tunes and has at least 4 albums of material which he sells at his live performances in Colorado; “Connecting Bridges”, “Histortion”, “Awaken” and “Ode To Ouray”. The latter is a concept album inspired by the American Indians. One of my favorites is from the “Connecting Bridges” album called “Sleepwalker” which may be heard on YouTube. If you would like to hear more of Craig’s songs, he can be contacted by e-mail at

Mick Orton

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