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"Day Tripper" 45 on Capitol Records

“Day Tripper” 45 on Capitol Records

“Day Tripper – Nowhere Man – And Your Bird Can Sing” Medley

When you do a tribute to the Beatles, it is important that you at least try and sound like them. “Day Tripper” was never released on an album while the Beatles were still together. “Nowhere Man” was on the “Rubber Soul” album and “And Your Bird Can Sing” was on “Revolver”. We spent a lot of time rehearsing the parts trying to get them right down to the finest detail. Even the instruments used were authentic in some cases. I used a Hofner violin bass like Paul’s. Since they were all 12 string songs, Jon switched to his Rickenbacker which was what George used in the studio.

Jon played lead on “Day Tripper” and “Nowhere Man” (I think). However, I am pretty sure Ken played the lead on “And Your Bird Can Sing”. It is my opinion that we did a bang up job on all three of these tunes and were masterful at melding them together one after the other.

As you can hear, the lead in song was “You’re Going To Lose That Girl” from the movie, “Help”. I sang lead on “Day Tripper”, and Jon sang lead on both “Nowhere Man” and “And Your Bird Can Sing”. All the boys sang harmonies and backups. This was recorded live in Calgary where we were treated like the Beatles! My voice crapped out on the first notes of “Got a good reason…” but was fine the rest of the way! I also think I was a little “busy” on the “Nowhere Man” bass line but caught the feeling for the most part. The Beatles never did “And Your Bird Can Sing” live to my knowledge. It was a lead in to “Here, There and Everywhere” which are the oohs you hear at the end.

Mick Orton

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