Some Photos of the Ortons – Mick and Marjie

You have to love those old Polaroids!

You have to love those old Polaroids!

Ken was in this jam session too, but I am not sure why he didn’t end up in one of the photos. In fact, I don’t know who took these. Snapped in Marjie’s music room, which is her converted garage in Fairfax, CA,  this picture captures me playing my Fender Jazz through my Fender Bassman amplifier. Behind me on the right is one of the speaker columns Ken and I used when we performed as Double Shot. I think these speakers are now history… as they should be. But the mixing board (I think) is still part of the equipment. The system was purchased from Lavonne who owned the Red Bull Lounge and the music store in Norfolk, Nebraska.

Mick Orton

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