Calling All Silver Laughter Fans

One of the last promotional photos taken of me right before the band broke up. In 1979 I was 29 years old. My birthday is December 28, 1949.

One of the last promotional photos taken of me right before the band broke up. In 1979 I was 29 years old. My birthday is December 28, 1949.

I have been auditing the site statistics since we opened our doors back in November, and there is no doubt the interest in Silver Laughter is growing. We have had hits from readers in Canada, Poland, Norway, France, Germany and Japan to name a few. it is gratifying to see the large number of people who checked in right after our article in the Norfolk Daily News. Sadly, nobody dropped me a note.

Art “Smart” Stenstrom said he sent out a package of material which I am hoping will have more interesting stuff to post, so keep your eyes open in the next few weeks.

And don’t forget to go to and nominate our band for the Iowa R&R Hall of Fame!

Mick Orton

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  1. Hi Mike!! Omg… has it been like 30 years or more since the Koliseum days? I was surfing old stuff on the net and Facebook. And found this from my fave band back then that played my favorite kind of music – Silver Laughter! I still have the albums and… a turntable to play them on! Lol Do you remember the Peoria girls…. I’m still friends with Sherry, Judy, Cathy, and Julie…. we are all married with kids as well. And friends on facebook… I was going to post the link on facebook.. love listening to the old songs! Take care!! Great to hear what you guys are up to!

  2. So Good to see this name and face again!! Brings back so many good and fun memories of Silver Laugter, wish we could go back one more time!! I will definelty be keeping up with you guys!! Great to hear from you!!

  3. Hi Mick,
    We saw your letter to the editor in the Worthington Daily Globe.My name is Cindy & my husbands name is Roger, the Harvey’s And yes we do remember your band playing at our favorite dance spots in & around Worthington, SW Minnesota, South Dakota & Iowa. We did find a few signed 8×10 pictures from your band. One is a Beatles tribute Pic & the other is a regular PR photo of the band. We were dancing finatics and never missed many chances to kick up our heels. We frequented Cheevers, the Villa Inn, the Coliseum Ballroom, as well as the Holiday Inn bar & Lounge and what is now the Longbranch in downtown Worthington. We went to the Roof in Okoboji, Arnolds Park many times for concerts & dances. We followed a few bands around within a reasonable distance from our home. My husband is the one who rememberd the photos he had tucked away with other memorobilia from our younger days, I will put in our vote to get you into the Iowa R&R Hall of Fame. I will also send a link of your homepage to a few friends who are local area Dj’s who might help in your quest to be rocognized for your contribution to R&R music. Good Luck

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