A Silver Laughter Friend from Worthington Writes Us on Facebook!

I wrote a note to the Worthington Globe, the newspaper for one of our most favorite towns to play. Carol C., one of the women who used to work at Cheever’s Nightclub, saw my letter to the editor and found us on Facebook. She wrote this.

I saw your letter today in the Worthington Daily Globe. I worked at Cheever’s when you all were touring there. I was one of the cocktail waitresses. It was Cindy, Katie and I in the bar. We also drove up to Redwood Falls to see you one time. Your blog is hard for me to navigate so I took a chance you would be on Facebook. I hope you make it to the Iowa Hall of Fame. Somewhere in my boxes of “stuff” I’m sure I have one of your autographed posters and a letter from Mick. From what I remember, he had a bad cold and was dosing a lot of medication. – Carol C.

I wrote this back:

Carol, that sounds like me. My motto back then was “some is good, more is better!” Thanks for the note. I remember you very well.

I am sorry you are having trouble navigating the site I set up for the band. The menus are across the top and along the right side. There are Photos, Music, Memorabilia, and Articles about Silver Laughter (along with other stuff). I think you would enjoy it if you spent some time there. I uploaded a bunch of live original tunes as well as a few cover songs we did of other groups.

As it turns out, the Norfolk, NE paper is going to do an article on us for their local history page. They called me yesterday and set up an interview for next Monday.


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