Silver Laughter Friend Wins A 45!

Here is the cover page I found of another brochure Art "Smart" did for Silver Laughter.

Here is the cover page I found of another brochure Art “Smart” did for Silver Laughter.

This week I posted the Silver Laughter cover of the Hall and Oates song, “Sara Smile” with a challenge the first person who could find the place where Ken changed the lyrics (probably to try and make us laugh).

One of our new friends, Paul K. from Milwaukee, who has been keeping track of our band website came up with the correct answer as well as a correction to my Silver Laughter’s Close Encounter With Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick article. Here’s what Paul K. said:

Just wanted to comment on the Cheap Trick post—-great story, by the way!  ‘Surrender’ was actually on ‘Heaven Tonight’ (their third album, released in 1978).  Their self titled & ‘In Color’ albums were both released in 1977. 

“Cheap Trick were/are huge in the Milwaukee area, as you can probably imagine.  Their original singer before Robin Zander, was from here.  I would love to hear your Cheap Trick covers, or any more recordings from the New Wave era.  Hopefully some surface.  The song list you posted definitely has me curious to hear many of those covers.

“Looking forward to more Silver Laughter songs & info.

“Also – is the line Ken changed in ‘Sara Smile’: ‘Make me feel like man’ to ‘Make me sing like a man’?”

Paul K.Milwaukee, WI

Paul’s answer is correct. Ken, in an effort to always be the funniest one in the group (and usually succeeding) was constantly trying to make us all laugh. After all, we got into music to have fun, right? So I am sure with all the high falsetto parts in “Sara Smile” he was talking about singing like a man to see if we could catch it!

As a reward I am sending him his choice of “Don’t Feel Bad/Turn It Down” or “Angela/No One Can Do It” 45’s.

Mick Orton

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