Some thoughts about the song, “Angela” from “Handle With Care”

I realize most of the posts are coming from me, but I have made offers to the others to post too. Maybe eventually they will contribute, but for now, it is going to be mostly me.

As I was skiing down the slopes today, our last day in Tahoe, I got to thinking about some new songs I am working on and how others Jon and I wrote had evolved.

When I originally came up with the verse to “Angela” it was derived from the phrase “Uncle John’s gone, no I didn’t even know him so well.” My uncle Johnny had passed away and the song was supposed to be about him. Instead Jon and I decided on a love song. I am not sure who came up with “Angela” but I think it was me since it has always been a favorite name of mine. My daughter is named Angela.

This is kind of confusion, so try and follow along! Uncle Johnny was one of my mother’s brothers whose wife was named Marie. And another one of mom’s brother’s (Floyd) was also married to a Marie. Ironically enough, both of my favorite aunts were named Marie (now my daughter’s middle name), so one we called Marie and one we called Mimi. Uncle John’s Marie was Mimi. Imagine how I felt when I found out my Beatles hero, John Lennon was raised by his Aunt Mimi.

Back to the music. If memory serves, I think Jon and I finished the song during one of our visits to Worthington, MN. Cheever’s was one of our frequent stops and one of our most popular haunts. If we even drove through the town on our way to another job, the word went out about a “Silver Laughter” sighting.

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