Silver Laughter tops the… Mountain

Here I am skiing at the top of the Lakeview Chair at Alpine Meadows. That's Lake Tahoe in the background.

Here I am skiing at the top of the Lakeview Chair at Alpine Meadows. That’s Lake Tahoe in the background.

It’s hard to look cool when you go skiing. All that cold weather gear, ski pants, jacket, ear muffs, goggles and walking around like Frankenstein in ski boots does not add up to cool. And musicians like to be cool! But sometimes it just can’t be done. The proof is in the photo at the left!

Once I moved to California and turned 45, I decided to take up snow skiing. After living in Colorado with Tabernash, one would think that would have been the optimal place to do it. But other activities took center stage. Our roadie, John Zimmer (sadly, now deceased. He was the best man at my first wedding) was a skier and loved it. When we got booked at the likes of Winter Park or some of the other ski resorts he was always up early and out on the slopes. But not the band. We liked staying inside and being warm.

As for Silver Laughter, there was no downhill skiing any of the places we played in the Midwest. So the opportunity was not there until I moved out here to the Bay Area. As said, at age 45 or so I decided it didn’t look so hard and took to the slopes with a crazy redhead and her family. It was terribly difficult to get started, but after a few lessons, I finally got the hang of it.

Now we own a place in Tahoe City where we spend at least one-two weeks a year during which time I ski, usually at Alpine Meadows. I am not sure if any of the other guys ever took up the sport. But often times I remember the Beatles in their movie “Help” where it is said they had their first experience on the slopes. Occasionally you may hear me singing “Ticket To Ride” as I careen down the hills! Or maybe one or two of our original Silver Laughter songs.

Mick Orton

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