Carl Frisch – the Fifth Silver Laughter

Carl Frisch - 1976

Carl Frisch – 1976

Carl Frisch was the fifth Silver Laughter. He had been a friend of the band for several years, so when they went on the road he was offered the job of lights and sound. He also was required to cook the meals. In exchange he received an equal one-fifth share of the profits after expenses (food, gas, hotel, etc.). The idea was to eat band meals together to save money.

If memory serves, Carl made some really good casseroles in an electric skillet which was to become part of our “equipment”. Often the clubs we played at had rooms for us to stay in, so we’d save on hotels. But the money we saved was often spent on new guitars, stage clothes and jewelry!

Mick Orton

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    I added a photo of Carl which was clipped from one of the band photos taken in Worthington in the fall of 1977. My understanding was that Carl had been a cook in the Navy so we was designated as our chef on the road.

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