“Sing Me Your Love Songs” LIVE – from “Sailing On Fantasies”

Our second album. Click the link below to hear "Don't Feel Bad" LIVE from Calgary!

Our second album. Click the link below to hear “Sing Me Your Love Songs” LIVE from Port Byron!

Click  here – Silver Laughter LIVE in Port Byron. “Sing Me Your Love Songs”

I am adding some details. For years I thought I played bass in the studio on this track as well as piano, synthesizer and shared vocals. My memory was that Ken played bass when we performed it live.

But on the sleeve it gives Ken credit for bass and Jon (which I did know) for lead. So when I shot Ken an e-mail and asked him about it, his answer was this:

“You were generous and kind enough to let me play it. You would have made it sound more like a bass part (more bassey notes added).”

If you know Ken, he’s such a funny guy, you are never sure if he is really being serious or is joking around. It could be he was trying to make me sound like I was a  little “Hitler” and “allowed” him to play bass. To be honest, I probably was! But this sounds sincere, and I will take the compliment.

On the lead in, Ken is announcing the song and talks about not able to see anyone because of the lights on the stage at which point Carl probably shut off the lights for a second so Ken COULD see at which time he made the next joke which, as you can hear in the background, made me laugh. He was always a very funny guy with great stage presence.

That’s Paul’s deep voice at the end of the song talking about the new album showing his own brand of humor!

Mick Orton

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