One of the Last Photos of Silver Laughter – ca 1979

One of our last photo sessions taken in the Ludtke's basement

One of our last photo sessions taken in the Ludtke’s basement. From left to right, top: Ken, Mick, Kim (squating) and Jon.

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  1. I was standing just behind the camera in this photo. That is the Tama drum kit Kim had just purchased, I believe it was a dark/navy blue. Very nice kit. The shells on the toms I think were a composite material. Not plastic but something new for the time. I think both kickers had wood shells. I remember there were a crap load of cymbals and the hardware case weighted a frickin ton. I was very envious of that kit, being a drummer myself I had a Slingerland 5 piece at home, that had bad cymbals and didn’t hold a candle to that set of Tama’s. Sounded great too, I thought. Oh Jon I remember those boots too. Took you a half an hour just to lace them up before a show. I really do remember it like “yesterday”. Glenn.

  2. I stand corrected, it was a single kick drum set. He just had so many it seemed like a double. Barely fit the stages we were playing on as it was. I’m still envious of that kit. Hey Kim where is it?

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