Some Thoughts About “Sing Me Your Love Songs”

Jon and I were always trying to make our Silver Laughter songs as meaningful as possible. Some of the newer songs of various artists seem to not know what a rhyme is. Our efforts were to make lyrics as well crafted as we could.

“Sing Me Your Love Songs” was just a little scrap of a tune I brought with me which Jon and I crafted into what I think is a superb song. As it evolved, it became our own tribute to the legacy the Beatles had left behind.

If you examine the lyrics you will find either Beatles song titles or parts of songs. Second verse, “like it was Yesterday.” In the third verse after the instrumental verse, “someone to Hold My Hand.” In the last verse, “would you try to catch me If I Fell?”

In the final few seconds, “Falling, yes I’m falling (from “I’ve Just Seen a Face” on the “Rubber Soul” album), into Yesterday. And I can only make it with your Help.”

Right after we recorded that tune, the Beatles came out with a compilation album around Christmas Time of that year called… you guessed it, “Love Songs”.

Mick Orton

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