The SILVERS Newsletter October 2023

The SILVERS “Edge Of The World” compilation photo courtesy of Randyl Bishop

Hello again from THE SILVERS!

Can you believe it that another month has gone by?

We’re plugging away writing and arranging songs for our 2024 eleven song album, “Paper Street”, and getting ready for Mick’s trip back to the San Francisco Bay Area to record in December.

We recently did a radio interview with Sam Watkins of ITNS radio which may be heard here. We talk about the four song “Mosaic” EP released earlier this year on, as well as the “Edge of the World” video on which Dain worked so hard.  It may be seen at Some of the biggest news is AKADEMIA has recognized this as the BEST Rock Video for September 2023!

THESILVERS have also been featured in news stories on our way to having our own Wikipedia page. Go to and check out all the latest news. Be sure and sign up in the box on the top of the right margin so you are emailed every time we post something on this site!

Welcome to Dawn Davis, whereabouts unknown, Emily Harris from Minneapolis, MN, Donald Afredeen from Victoria, Canada, Annabeth from Latham, NY and Antonia Stamos of Endicott, NY who found us on Radio Airplay and Andrew “Hobbit” Hobart and Roscoe, Billy Sterg, Alex Fernandez from Quebec and all the others who found us on Number One Music. These two services continue to add new subscribers to our channels. We apologize that some of your emails have been deleted by our SPAM filter. We will be sure to fix that!

Soon, Mick heads off to Europe for a 3 week plus river cruise on the Danube from Budapest to Bucharest. Surely some songs will come out of that trip!

Well, that’s it for now. See you next month.


Dain, Carl and Mick

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