The Silvers Newsletter September 2023

Carl, Dain, Mick and Edge

Hello again,

The highlight of August was the release of our newest live video of our newest hit single off our Mosaic EP, “Edge Of The World”. Dain put a lot of love and work into this one, and our hats are off to him! Watch it here. All our music is available for sale at You can buy single songs or the entire albums.

Another highlight for August was The SILVERS being inducted into the AKADEMIA (pronounced A-CAD-A-MIA) Hall of Fame for 2023 along with a lot of other musicians and friends like Oliver Sean of the WOA FM 99 Radio Show.

We always enjoy hearing from you, so be sure and go up to our website and post a comment to any of our posts. Also helpful are comments left for us on our channel.

Welcome to new subscribers on Radio Airplay, Lev13 (whereabouts unknown), toomuchpsi383 (whereabouts unknown), Briwhatsherface from Woodbury, NJ, Harold Holdstock from Finchley, UK, gaillittle from Winnipeg, Canada, nevinduntz82 (whereabouts unknown), Sak Sak from Baltimore, MD, Cass from New York, NY, Taylor Armstrong from Peoria, AZ (that’s near Mick in Tucson!), Lisa Clark from Illinois, Peter Smith from Dartmouth, Canada and finally, a10603 from Korea.

Welcome to new subscribers on Number 1 Music, Jermaine Edmonds from Pacific Beach, Washington, Brad Conroy from Tucson, Arizona, James from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Jason Walls and Barry Chandler from Sydney, Australia, Eddie Reasoner from Beverly Hills, California and Josh Covington from Centennial, Colorado. There are probably others, so if we’ve missed your name, drop us a line and we’ll add you next month.

Right now The Silvers are hard at work on their next album called “Paper Street”. It will contain 11 all new original songs, 6 of which will be recorded in December when Mick flies back to California to be with Dain and Carl. The album will probably come out in April or May of 2024. Watch for it along with all our music on

Thats it for now,

Dain, Carl and Mick

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