Vantage Point Video Of Dubai Adds “You Know You Had It Coming” Video By The SILVERS

The SILVERS got a note this morning that Vantage Point Video, a Middle Eastern video channel with its core audience in Dubai, has recently added our music video for ‘You Know You Had It Coming’ (from the “Oceans” LP) for rotation! It is # 82 in the Rock/Pop Rock genre.

However, there are 6 other animated videos on this channel by The Silvers. “Out Of This World” is #78 on the Rock/Pop Rock genre (from the “Back To Basics” LP). And the Pop genre has 5 of our past hits: #13 “Watch Out!” (from the “PLAY!” LP), #34 “Yes, You Can” (from the “Another Summer” EP), #37 “Who Do You Think You Are?”  (from the “Soul Surrender” LP), #43 “Blame It On Love” (from the “Rushmore” LP) and #55 “Stand Up” (also from the “Back To Basics” LP)!

All these albums and EPs are available for download or on CD at and most other download sites including Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, etc.

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