THE SILVERS Included in “Dominating Masters Of Rock Music”

The SILVERS Carl, Mick and Dain featured in a TechBullion article.

The August 2, 2023 issue of TechBullion ezine features THE SILVERS in a story by Adil Husnain. Clarification is needed for the last line in paragraph six. The Silvers lineup is Dain Bedford-Pugh (guitar and vocals), Carl Upthegrove (drums and percussion) and Mick Orton (bass, keyboard and vocals). Tom Kelley still writes with the band..

“Music has always had a significant impact on culture, people, and overall society. Over time, many music styles and genres have evolved because of the passion and creativity of bands like The Silvers, which has captivated audiences since its formation. Bands and musicians of the past and present have not only contributed to the growth of the music industry but have also created new forms of music with diverse foundations, like rock music, that we listen to and enjoy nowadays…”

Read the rest of the article here.

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