The Silvers Newsletter August 2023

The Silvers on Thursday, March 16, 2023 in Novato, Calif. Photo by Frankie Frost. Dain and Mick standing and Carl on the bench.


The Silvers Newsletter August 2023

Hello Friends,

July was an especially busy month for Dain, Carl and Mick! To start off, Dain has been busy working on our newest “live” video, “Edge Of The World”, which features The Silvers miming to their newest single from the “Mosaic” 4 song EP. It should be released in a couple of days.

And the “I’m Dancing… Again” animated video has gotten some fantastic audience response. The song was originally on our “Back To Basics” album, but was re-recorded with all new vocals and released as a single and features David Kessner on piano.

The guys also began writing and arranging songs for their next 11 song LP named “Paper Street” which they will probably start recording later this year at Shabby Road Studio in Novato, CA.

Thank you to all the new subscribers from Welcome to Henri from Georgia, Kelly from Orangevale, CA, Kevin from Tulsa, Jason from Texas, Billy from Pomona, CA, Marissa from Denver, Casper from Chappaqua, NY, Destan from Germany, Angela from Nashville and (surprisingly) the 60’s band, The Outsiders, from Cleveland! These are just a few of the most recent subscribers. And here is what they are saying:

  • Lesley says, “Amazing band, amazing music. I love every single note of your every single song. ;)))”
  • Cyrus says, “Nothing Left To Say I LOVE IT!! BEEN LISTENING TO IT NON STOP FOR 2 FULL DAYS!! good luck ad have fun!!! We love you guys!!”
  • Mauricio says, “Great to see you on N1M sharing your talent! I came by to show you some love and support!”
  • Ezra says, “Awesome indeed. U guys rock!!!”
  • Hilda says, “Heyyyy I’ve shared your It’s So Fast on N1M charts. You’re making your way up!”

You may also read reviews of our newest single, “Edge Of The World”, by NumberOneMusic contributors here!

And ( has been a great source of new listeners like Amber from Ohio, Jason and Grace, both from Tennessee, George and Ira, both from New York, Debra from California, Angel from Mexico and Zack from Massachusetts just to name a few.  If you’re a fan, drop us a line at Dain, Carl or!

That’s it from us for now. Be sure and check back often so you don’t miss the release of our new music video for “Edge Of The World”!

Dain, Carl and Mick

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