Platinum Cities Video Features SIX Animated Videos by The SILVERS

Platinum Cities Video, a rapidly growing Mid-East & Africa video channel, has just placed the music video for ‘You Know You Had It Coming’ in rotation! You may click here to visit the Platinum Cities Video site and watch your video: To tune in and watch your video, you’ll want to go to the playlist and select the Rock / Pop Rock genre.

Note: We feel like Casey Kasem in that “You Know You Had It Coming” is #82 in the Rock/Pop Rock category and #78 is “Out Of This World”!

HOWEVER, In the POP category we own #3 with “Watch Out”, #31 with “Silvers Surf City Prologue and Episode 1 – Who Do You Think You Are”, #37 with “Blame It On Love” and #51with “Stand Up”!

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