The Silvers Newsletter April 2023

Pusch Ridge outside Tucson, AZ


April boasts a HUGE news item. Arizona Parks and Recreation has approved a plan to rename Pusch Ridge (pictured right) to Mount Silvermore (pictured below) and plan to carve the faces of Dain, Carl and Mick into the formation, much like Mt. Rushmore! This is a huge undertaking, and The Silvers are gob smacked that they will be honored in this way.

Okay, you got us. April Fools!

Artist’s rendering of proposed Mt. Silvermore

On to real news. The tracks to all 5 songs that were recorded last month (4 for the Mosaic EP and one for Christmas 2023) have been sent to producer, Stuart Epps, and will go into production shortly. The EP CD will have a foldout featuring the lyrics of the 4 songs on the collection which will be for sale on as well as other sites like Bandcamp, CD Baby, etc. and will be available for download on all the usual digital sites.

Our friends on Number One Music, Radio Airplay and Reverbnation are constantly growing, and we’d like to welcome them and all the new subscribers to our YouTube channel. We really look forward to hearing from you! Many thanks.

Dain, Carl and Mick

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  1. Nice idea but should be much bigger

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