REMINDER About The Silvers Songs In Manifest West

This is a reminder from SILVERS, Dain, Carl and Mick that the movie “Manifest West” was released in theaters and on demand November 11, 2022. It contains the songs “Looking Good” (written for Mick’s honey) and “Keep On Believing”, both songs written by Mick.

These versions were mixed and mastered by Stuart Epps for the “End Of Summer” EP available on Revlis Records along with all our other music!

The Silvers at that time were Mick Orton (bass, piano and vocals), Tom Kelley (rhythm guitar), Glenn Stone (drums) and Ricky Zero (lead guitar). Be sure and check them out!

(PS, How the drum machine intro from the DEMO Mick did got into this final version of “Looking Good” on YouTube, we don’t know!!! But it is not on the CD or download versions of the song!)

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  1. Thank you for the heads up. That is very cool I will check it out.

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