The Silvers Newsletter October 2022


Well, the biggest news is that our new 11 song album, “Oceans”, is available NOW for digital download on Bandcamp! Other download sites are set for release on October 15.

And if you’re a CD person, those should be available in about 2 weeks from the Revlis Records website. We’ll let you know when you can pre-order and save some money.

September was a month for the band to tell a little bit about themselves and the song-writing and arranging processes. Carl was the first to share his insights into developing drum parts. Then Mick gave some thoughts on song writing. And finally, Dain was able to share his take on being the only guitarist in the band that has now become a trio!

Over the next few weeks we will be posting song lyrics for “Oceans” on our website, something we neglected to do for “Back To Basics”.

And now work begins on our next album which we hope to release in 2023!

Bye for now and thanks for your support!

The Silvers
Dain, Carl and Mick

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  1. Super stoked. Excited for new CD. Mick take care from Minneapolis Minnesota #MNLIGHTHOUSE

  2. Look forward to this enjoyed your music to date

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