The Silvers Newsletter September 2022


Well, we are waiting for the artwork to be done for our new album, “Oceans”, before we can offer it or its tracks for presale. But it shouldn’t be too long before we have something to show on Revlis Records and other popular download sites like Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon and many others. An early review of the opening song, “You Know You Had It Coming” is here!

In the meantime, there’s a chance we will be doing an interview for Argentinian TV and YouTube Podcast, BIENVENIDOS AL BANQUETE. They found us through an interview with one of our animators, Juan Carlos Quattordio, where they showcased our “Gravity” animated video. We’ll send a link of our interview once we have more information. The language might be a problem since they speak a special dialect of Spanish, but hopefully music will save the day!

Dain should have recovered from his short trip to Hawaii by now. And Carl is keeping his chops up by playing with local bands around the Bay Area including some with our engineer/producer, David Kessner. Finally, Mick is recovering from a slight cold (he checked negative for Covid by the doctor) while nearing the end of what locals call “monsoon season”. Look on our website and click on the About Us tab. There are new write ups by Mick and Carl (and soon to be Dain) that contain insights into our new album and our music in general!

WOA FM has scheduled a show/podcast with only Silvers Christmas tunes. It should air in December along with a short interview with Mick. Our latest holiday tune, “Christmas Rock”, will also be featured on their compilation CD for Christmas 2022. Watch for it!

During this lull, Mick and Dain are hopefully going to collaborate a little more on songs for our next album as well as another new Christmas song for 2023! And original Silver, Tom Kelley, is standing ready to help with lyrics and music while playing with his local Wisconsin band, The Executives.

Well, kids, that’s it for now. Stay healthy and happy.


The Silvers
Dain, Carl and Mick

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