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As we near the end of 2022 THE SILVERS have quite a track record. They have released four 14 song LPs, one 11 song LP and four 6-8 song EPs so far with another new 11 song LP called “OCEANS” which is about to be released in October 2022. All are available on the REVLIS RECORDS website.

  • After The Laughter LP (14 original songs)
  • End Of Summer EP (6 original songs)
  • PLAY! LP (14 original songs)
  • Another Summer EP (6 new original songs, 1 rerecorded from After The Laughter)
  • Soul Surrender LP (14 original songs)
  • Summertime Sounds EP (6 new original songs, 2 rerecorded from End Of Summer)
  • RUSHMORE LP (14 original songs)
  • Change Of Seasons EP (6 original Christmas songs)
  • Back To Basics LP (coming in 2021 with 11 new original songs)
  • OCEANS (11 all new original songs – due out September 2022)

Dain Bedford-Pugh (guitar and vocals), Carl Upthegrove (drums and percussion) along with Mick Orton (bass, piano and vocals) have just gone into the studio to record a sixth LP with 11 original songs (9 written by Tom Kelley and Mick and 2 by Dain). It is tentatively entitled “OCEANS” and is scheduled for release in September 2022. It will include the two new singles, “You Know You Had It Coming” and “Reaching Out”.

While the three cartoon Silvers are about to leave Surf City (search Silvers Surf City on YouTube), this STUDIO band is continuing to write and record more material for another album in 2023!

The official band website is:

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