March 2022 Newsletter from The Silvers

Hello friends,

March has started off with a burst of new songwriting from Mick and Tom with 5 new songs to accompany the 4 we already held over from the previous material! And there will be many more to come!

That means Mick will travel back to California next weekend to join the rest of the band in rehearsing the new material to prepare for an upcoming studio session, probably in April.

Exciting news! Dain has a new piece of equipment, a Gretsch 12 string, that will give the band a whole new dimension to their sound. We’re expecting great things with the new songs!

We’d also like to thank all the people who have been subscribing to our website at and putting in their email address in the “Follow The SILVERS via Email” section in the top right margin of the home page.

And let’s not forget all the new and old subscribers on, and who have enjoyed listening to our music. Thanks so much for your support!

Finally, there are still a very limited number of all our CDs available for sale at, so hurry before they are sold out!

See you next month!
The Silvers
Dain, Steve, Carl and Mick

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