The Silvers Newsletter December 2021

From Carl,

Hi everyone, Carl here, drummer and random percussionist for The Silvers. The end is near….. no not the end of the world, the end of the year 2021.  And what a year it has been for us.

Our new album was completed and has been released as of December 1st. Please check it out at We’ve also gotten some great reviews which can be seen and read also on our website. Pardon us whilst we beam with pride. I used WHILST just for Dain, our lead guitar/vocalist who is from across the pond in the UK.  So we try to accommodate his odd language.

Before I go I want to let you know we are working on new songs already and hope to have another album done in 2022. So check back often for more updates. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

From Mick,

Hello friends, this is Mick. Lots of things have happened for the SILVERS since our November newsletter. We’ve released “Back To Basics” on our new label, Revlis Records December 1. We’ve been reviewed by SHINDIG! Magazine in their December issue. We also had a blurb in Relix Magazine’s December 1 Daily 7 newsletter.

WOA FM 99 has put one of our older Christmas songs on its 2021 compilation album as well as promoted several of our YouTube animated video singles on their television show. So it’s been a GREAT month already!

Not to rest on our laurels (whatever that means), the boys and I have started working on the next set of songs for our new album. I’ll be back in the Bay Area in January, and, depending on how much progress we make, we may even go into the studio to lay down a few new songs! So stay tuned. There’s a lot more to come from this band.

From Steve:

Greetings. Best year ever for us THE SILVERS, Steve here! We have a brand new album out and the band continues to work together to work on newer songs to put in a  future album.

Even though we have been split geographically, we remain in contact and discuss our future songs and how best to arrange them.

The next time should be easier since we have our ‘people ‘ in place, and that’s a really good thing.  Enjoy our music and stayed tuned to THE SILVERS.

From Dain:

It’s been a busy month for the band! We were so happy to finally release our album, and it’s getting some great attention – one of the highlights is that we made it to number 10 in the iTunes UK Rock Chart on December 6th with “Out Of This World”!

We are also getting some great feedback from people who have been spinning our tunes, and we can’t wait to make some more music for you all! We’ve got a few new songs to work on, and more in the pipeline.

In The News:

  • Number One Music Hello to all our new friends and followers on this fantastic website. Though they do not have all our new songs from our “Back To Basics” album, they do have quite a few good selections from all of our LPs and EPs.
  • Shindig! Magazine’s December issue is available at Barnes & Noble and features a review and full page ad promoting the new album.
  • WOA FM – “Jingle In My Heart” was included in the latest Christmas podcast December 5. And there will be a Silvers interview on an upcoming episode!
  • Revlis Records opened its doors December 1 and is making all of our current and past LPs and EPs available for download! CD orders will be available soon to those of you in the USA. There is also some cool merchandise to help support your favorite band!

That’s it for this, month, Kids! Be sure and put in your email in the “Follow The Silvers via Email” on the right margin of our home page in order to get the message every time we post! We’ve had over 36,000 visitors since we first published in Nov. 2012!

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