WOAFM99 Interviews Mick of THE SILVERS and Features “Out Of This World”

We are very pleased to announce that WOAFM99 Podcast has published its latest episode which features a lot of good music and an interview with Mick Orton of The Silvers which may be heard here. Also featured on the show is the single, “Out Of This World” which is an animated video on YouTube.

At the time of the interview, The Silvers had intended to release their new album, “Back To Basics”, on vinyl. However, once they found that it would delay it by 6 to 9 months due to the PVC shortage, it was decided to release it on CD.

The official release date is December 1 at which time it will be reviewed on page 89 of the “reviews now” section of the December 2021 issue of Shindig! Magazine. There will also be a full page announcement of the release on page 85.

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