October 2021 Newsletter from THE SILVERS!

“Back To Basics” LP and MORE!

From Dain

After some long-awaited studio time, during which we finished recording our upcoming album, ‘Back to Basics’, The Silvers gave a one-off driveway concert to an exclusive crowd. Under a (thankfully!) cloudy sky, we performed all of the songs from the new album to a very appreciative audience! After a year-and-a-half of not being able to play live due to the pandemic, we were so happy to be able to show off our new material before Mick relocated to Arizona. We’re now looking ahead to putting the finishing touches to the new album, and to working on new songs. Even with Mick being a bit further away, it won’t stop us from putting out great music together!

From Carl

Back to Basics is our new album. Hi, I’m Carl the drummer for The Silvers and I’d like to share a few of my thoughts on our new album and our music in general. I’m very excited about Back to Basics. This is the first album with the current lineup of Mick, Steve, Dain & me. We’ve been playing together for over a year now but due to COVID and the pandemic restrictions we’ve only had limited public exposure. That doesn’t mean we’ve been sitting around, not at all. We’ve been creating new music for you. Some of the music you may have already heard on our YouTube channel (search Silvers Surf City) or on our website thesilvermusic.com. But you have not heard it all. There are 11 songs on the new album 2 of them penned by Dain our lead guitar player and I’m very impressed with his songs; Gravity and Peace. I really think you’ll like them. Keep on eye on the website for more updates on when the album will be available. In the meantime contact us if you have any questions about the band or our music. We’re truly excited about this new music and we hope you are too.

From Mick

Hello everyone, 2021 has been a very strange but eventful year. Dain, Steve, Carl and I recently got to go into he studio and record 6 new songs that will be added to the 5 we already have. This will complete our next album, “Back To Basics” which is going to be released on vinyl in October or November at the latest. We may do a small CD run if the requests are sufficient. Of these 6 new tunes, Dain sings lead on 3, Mick sings 2 and Steve sings 1. While it’s true that I’ve moved to Arizona leaving the other three Silvers behind, we will still be writing and recording new music. Thanks to Southwest Airlines and Embassy Suites in San Rafael, I’ll be able to easily fly back and forth to get into the studio with the other guys! We’ve been told one of our songs, “Keep On Believing”, is to be featured in an upcoming movie “Manifest West” to be released in October. It features Mel Gibson’s sons, Louie and Milo, acting producing and directing. While the song was recorded by the original Silvers (Ricky, Tom, Glenn and Mick), Carl, Steve, Dain and I have reworked the tune and will feature it should the opportunity to play live ever come again! Thanks to Covid, we were not able to take advantage of playing live. However, the Silvers did have fun doing a small driveway concert for friends and family on August 13. We have included several photos from that performance with this newsletter and had our animator, Randyl Bishop, make a new banner for our website home page combining fact with fiction! Finally, WOA FM in England is including our latest single and video, “Out Of This World”, in a featured playlist. So watch our website for news about an upcoming interview with Oliver Sean as well as other news about the band. We hope to hear more from you on what you would like to hear from the Silvers. Until then, thanks for following us.

From Steve

Steve here. I’m the guitar, keyboards and accordion player with the SILVERS, including the most excellent of friends and fellow musicians Mick, Carl and Dain. Recently we went into the studio and took our hard work from our many rehearsals and recorded some of our newest songs. The session went reasonably well, but it was discovered our guitars were out of tune on some of the songs. So we had to go back into the studio and redo some of the parts. While in the studio, we re-did some of the keyboard parts, changed the drum part on another song and redid some vocals. It was a good lesson that as musicians we need to remind ourselves to tune our guitars before every song when recording. Strings and the wood on stringed instrument change in length depending on the ambient temperature of the room. Therefore as the room gets warmer due to amps and body heat, the strings will stretch and the pitch will go down and the opposite effect occurs when the room gets colder like when you tune up when 1st arriving or maybe after the sun has set. Keyboards with joy sticks should also be checked that they are at 440 hertz the perfect pitch. Voices too can get out of tune especially if one does not warm them up before actually recording. There are numerous warm up exercises that one could find on YOUTUBE. Finally listen to the songs after they are recorded and try to isolate parts that are out of tune or out rhythm. Redo those parts and then send them to be mastered, unless the engineer who is recording them will do both recording and mastering. Save time and money by having your parts memorized and ready to go. Record the songs in your house to hear how the parts or rehearsal studio on GARAGE BAND or any DAW that you might have. Listen carefully and change things around and record again. Try going from distorted guitar effect to clean. Use a different patch on the keys. Find out where you can add harmony notes. We are fortunate to have Mick in our band that has a great ear for harmonies. It’s a talent one can develop by listening carefully and by putting those harmonies together and listening to how they work with the song. A simple way is to match the harmony notes with the chord being played by the keys and guitars at that musical passage of the song. And finally have an open mind and respect what your fellow musicians have to say, the project belongs to the entire band and we all need to see things by someone else’s eyes. Learn and prosper.

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